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Barbers and Hair Stylists and shoppers can enjoy our quality hair treatments and hair products from Chazap Inc. located in Chicago, Illinois.

Chazap Inc. Products is owned and operated by Corey O. Daurham, son of founder W.O. Daurham - who was in the barber Profession since 1975. Chazap Inc. Products manufactures and markets such products as Liquid Razor, Bald Shine, Vitamin e Shave Gel & Skin Conditioner, Super Fast Hair Grow, Tattoo Crème and a host of other products manufactured under the Chazap label.

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Chazap Alumni Master Barbers

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Big Val

Valdis Purnell, also known as "Big Val", is an Illinois licensed professional barber. Born and raised on Chicago's Southside.  Proud Alumni of Chazap Barber College. Currently holding 36 multiple barber awards within the Midwest.  Now owner of "Big Val's Hair Studio" in Chicago and a member of the Midwest barber team "The Firm". 


Johnnie Akons is a licensed Barber and Barber Teacher with over 34 years of experience. Proud Alumni of Chazap Barber College and has had the pleasure of teaching Barbering at 2 additional institutions: Tricoci University and Larry's Barber College.  Johnnie is the owner of Legacy Cutz Barbershops in Chicago, an 88 time Award winning Barber, CEO/Founder of The Full Blooded Barber brand and President of "The Firm", a Midwest based Barber Team which is home to the top Barbers, Educators and Shop Owners in the Midwest. 

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