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Benefits of Chazap Liquid Razor

  • Gives a sharp, crisp hairline without the use of a straight razor.
  • Unparalleled stylist creativity.
  • A new fresh innovative concept in hair design and technology.
  • Used to add a distinctive touch to the hairline, can also be used on eyebrow arching, beards and mustache trims.
  • Can be used on customers, who are allergic to conventional razor shaves but desire a sharp, crisp hairline.
  • 1- 4 oz. bottle will allow for 50 hairlines!!!

8 oz. Liquid Razor

  • Directions:   Apply ChaZap  Liquid Razor generously to a neck strip or a tissue paper to rub around your hairline. Allow the liquid to dry for about five seconds. Once the liquid dries, you can now make an outline around your hairline using a trimmer or an edger. After hairline is complete, remove excess Liquid Razor using an antiseptic solution.



    Warning: Avoid application to open sores. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep away from children, open flames and eyes.

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